Château Gassier, an estate closely linked to the history of Provence


Château Gassier was born in 1982 in Puyloubier from the encounter between a man, Anthony Gassier, and an exceptional terroir : the Sainte-Victoire mountain.

Gassier family is one of the oldest family of Provence and is part of the provencal nobility as of the French Revolution. Anthony and his son Georges (Vineyard Manager) inherited this title.

Blason de la famille Gassier

The coat of arms of the Gassier family is still visible on the castle walls.

From that point, the Gassier family has been deeply established in Provence. For centuries, his history was in Saint-Estève (Hautes-Provence) before starting from fresh in 1982, buying some 100 acres at the Sainte-Victoire mountain foothill, that will later become what is now the Estate of Château Gassier.

Today the vineyard is managed by Georges Gassier, who represents the fifth winegrowing generation of the family, working with the support from his father.

It is only over time that passion, hard work and know-how combined, have helped Château Gassier to develop its exceptional potential for excellence.