946 rosé Food Pairing by Serge Labrosse

The 28 and 29 of September, we were on the Mediterranean Wines space at the International food festival in Mougins. On this occasion the chief Serge Labrosse_ restaurant Le Flacon, Carrouge, Suisse_ holder of one Michelin star on his resume, has honored us to select our rose 946 to accompany his recipe: Sea bass infused with lime!




- 16 filets of sea bass

- 100g of peeled almonds

- 15 pieces of nectarine

- 1/2L rice vinegar

- 20 pieces of mini turnip

- 5 pieces of lime

- Espelette chili

- Sea salt, pepper

- 1 jar of crême fraîche

- 100gr iota

- 100g peach puree





How to prepare it

Cut the sea bass into thin slices.

Put the slice to marinate with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, Espelette chili.

Cut nectarines in order to have two halves without the kernel, poached them in syrup with rice vinegar for 10 minutes.

With the rest of nectarines make a puree, season with a dash of lemon juice.

Make an almond cream with the crême fraîche, the almonds, the gelatin, a bit of salt and pepper. Mix everything, pass through a sieve and keep into the refrigerator.

Cut the turnips with a mandolin into thin slices.

The dressing

Cut nectarines and make the slices stand straight on the plate. 

Arrange the slices of sea bass on a plate, add spikes of almond cream and peach puree.

Sprinkle with thinly sliced turnips.

Grate a little bit of lime zest on top before serving.


  • 946 rosé Food Pairing by Serge Labrosse
  • 946 rosé Food Pairing by Serge Labrosse
  • 946 rosé Food Pairing by Serge Labrosse
  • 946 rosé Food Pairing by Serge Labrosse